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Gody, the founder of Juggi, is a complete hot-water-bottle addict!
Among her family and friends she is known as Hot-Water-Bottle-Gody, which tells you everything you need to know.
She is extremely passionate about hot water bottles and loves sharing them with everybody, as she is convinced that a hot water bottle can bring a great deal of pleasure into your life – and she should know!

After years of using hot water bottles herself she noticed that the market currently focuses on just one function, the designs are unappealing and the fabrics often don’t feel good on your skin.

And so Juggi was born: the hot water bottle that makes you feel good 365 days a year, and is there for you every day to help with any aches, pains, tears and other ailments.



The Juggi values
At Juggi we strongly believe in the power of being yourself. It is the basis for personal development and a prerequisite in order to feel good about yourself. Be yourself and surround yourself with people who truly care about you.
At Juggi, we have updated and finetuned an old but effective tool, by combining passion and functionality, aiming to achieve an instant feel-good state all year round.

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voordeel1Cooling effect

voordeel3Chronic pains (hot use) & Acute pains (cold use)

voordeel2Relaxation – reload batteries

voordeel4Perfect as travel companion. Fits in every bag.

voordeel5Feel warmer, preheat the bed, battle insomnia

voordeel6Comforting, soothing. Warmth = love

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